Garrison Art Center 2nd-4th Grade Program

I just finished my first session of the summer program at Garrison Art Center with the 2nd-4th graders and I had a great time! The first photo shows our group working on large murals inspired by Aboriginal Art from Australia, students started by drawing a large animal skeleton on brown kraft paper (we discussed how the Aborigines traditionally paint on bark and that if they accidentally wrinkled the paper while sitting it helped us create a “bark” effect) They then painted dots around the animals in a pattern of colors.

We also took a fun trip to Boscobel which is a beautiful historic mansion set on the Hudson River with gorgeous views of the river. During our trip students sketched the landscape in hand-made books we created along with the “Spheres” installation on site by Grace Knowlton.

Some other great projects the kids loved were making Eric Carle inspired book covers, Calder inspired mixed media mobiles, and texture drawings using the rubbing technique with crayons.












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