Garrison Art Center Art Tots Program

IMG_6354 In this project the kiddos learned what a “Sculpture” is and looked at pieces around GAC’s property and discussed what each was made of. We then collected branches and other objects to paint for our own sculptures.
IMG_6370 Taking a break and looking for the color of the day outside
IMG_5968 Mixing colors with play dough never got old
IMG_5970 Painting at their “easels” spill-proof cups for painting are a must!
IMG_5975 Making sticker collages with blank labels & using markers to draw designs on top.
IMG_5979 Silly sticker faces!
IMG_5990 Bubble wrap printing

IMG_5980 IMG_5984 IMG_5991 IMG_5992 IMG_5993

IMG_6385 Making bubble prints with paint & soapy water (everyone survived the mess!)
IMG_6393 Tracing each other with chalk- this worked especially well with the tots because they had a task that involved play and they loved getting up and seeing their arms, legs, and bodies traced!
IMG_6402 Circle collage & Stick sculptures. Each day we practiced drawing shapes and letters, we began with the circle collage by drawing circles (which is the easiest shape for them to draw, and gets them to go from wild circular “scribbly” drawing to more focused drawing, since most are not ready for drawing actual images) Then we collaged found circular objects, going from bottle caps to flower stickers which the kiddos were excited to point out were made up of circles.
IMG_6413 Our art show!
IMG_6342 Making “Stained Glass” windows with contact paper and tissue paper. We got to sit right in the front window and wave to everyone walking by admiring our work!

IMG_6388 IMG_6399 IMG_6401 IMG_6403 1 IMG_6404 1IMG_6483

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