Hybrid Learning in HS Art

These are trying times, but I am happy to do what I love and share my love of art with my students! I appreciate all of the support and patience of families trying to make it work, and with that I have been revamping my lessons to focus more on getting to know students, allowing them to experiment, and to learn that there is no “wrong way” to make Art. We started the year discussing all types of Art and learned that almost anything man-made could be considered Art since someone took the time to plan, create, and put out into the world a product of their imagination.

We started off the year creating “Personal Ice Cream Characters” after playing a few ice breakers where we got to know each other, students thought about their interests, personality traits, and of course- their favorite ice cream flavor, to design a character that represented themselves. Students were given a choice of materials and practiced drawing a variety of ice cream cones, sundaes, and popsicles, before choosing their favorite. Check out some of their work below!

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