The Memory Portrait Project

Students in my art classes participate in the yearly “Memory Project” an international program that connects youth around the world through art to help build cultural understanding and international kindness. The project provides special handmade portrait art to children facing difficult challenges around the world. The mission statement by organizer Ben Schumacher states our goal perfectly:

Together we are using art to reach a distant destination: a kinder world in which all youth see themselves in one another regardless of differences in their appearance, culture, religion, or the circumstances of their lives.”

K-5 Community Art Night

Our Community Art Night was a great success!

All students were celebrated at the FGL community art night! We displayed a variety of work created by each class. Different techniques and materials were used by the student artists including paintings and collages created by kindergarten, watercolor paintings by 1st grade, weavings by 2nd grade, figure drawing and found object collages by 3rd grade, paintings by 4th and 5th as well as sculptures made by 4th grade!

Parents and children were invited to add onto our community circle painting, which turned into a lovely display of students and families working together to make art. These mural paintings will be displayed in the halls, a lovely way to start the year with images of community art. Thank you to all who attended! We can’t wait for next years art show!!

Garrison Art Center Art Tots Program

IMG_6354 In this project the kiddos learned what a “Sculpture” is and looked at pieces around GAC’s property and discussed what each was made of. We then collected branches and other objects to paint for our own sculptures.
IMG_6370 Taking a break and looking for the color of the day outside
IMG_5968 Mixing colors with play dough never got old
IMG_5970 Painting at their “easels” spill-proof cups for painting are a must!
IMG_5975 Making sticker collages with blank labels & using markers to draw designs on top.
IMG_5979 Silly sticker faces!
IMG_5990 Bubble wrap printing

IMG_5980 IMG_5984 IMG_5991 IMG_5992 IMG_5993

IMG_6385 Making bubble prints with paint & soapy water (everyone survived the mess!)
IMG_6393 Tracing each other with chalk- this worked especially well with the tots because they had a task that involved play and they loved getting up and seeing their arms, legs, and bodies traced!
IMG_6402 Circle collage & Stick sculptures. Each day we practiced drawing shapes and letters, we began with the circle collage by drawing circles (which is the easiest shape for them to draw, and gets them to go from wild circular “scribbly” drawing to more focused drawing, since most are not ready for drawing actual images) Then we collaged found circular objects, going from bottle caps to flower stickers which the kiddos were excited to point out were made up of circles.
IMG_6413 Our art show!
IMG_6342 Making “Stained Glass” windows with contact paper and tissue paper. We got to sit right in the front window and wave to everyone walking by admiring our work!

IMG_6388 IMG_6399 IMG_6401 IMG_6403 1 IMG_6404 1IMG_6483

AP Art show & Principal Portrait Project

My AP Art students celebrated the completion of their portfolios with a wonderful exhibit opening!

In addition to showing off their work, they also unveiled a project that was long anticipated to be displayed in the high school — the Principal Portrait Project. The Principal Portrait Project began as a tribute to former principals who dedicated many years to Hendrick Hudson High School. Students completed honorary portraits of former principals to honor their passion and leadership in our district. This project is a triumph of commitment to our history and celebrates the culture of learning and social stewardship in the Hendrick Hudson community.

AP Art Show 2Principal Morton C Lindsey Principal Eugene Booth Principal George Kiefer Principal John McCarthy Principal James Mackin Principal Keith Schenker large_IMG_1533

Kusudama Flower workshop

I  hosted an origami flower making workshop for members of our Art Honor Society and the local Girl Scout troop, and their mothers, who generously gave their time to make something special to give to caregivers of cancer survivors at the May 2nd Hen Hud Stay-Awake-a-thon.

Each attendee learned how to create a Kusudama flower (which in Japanese means “medicine ball”) using beautifully printed origami paper.

I love the idea of making a flower that will not die. The paper ‘Kusudama’ origami flower is a wonderful keepsake and I cannot thank Tina Struver enough for helping me to organize the event. Special thanks to all those who were involved!

IMG_0440 IMG_0460

Students awarded Peekskill Cortlandt Women’s club honors

In March my students, Dana Smith, Brenna Kaegi, and Shannon Stinson, won awards in the Peekskill-Cortlandt Women’s Club Art Contest among dozens of other entries. Dana has moved onto state level and will find out if she has been further awarded in May.

First Place and Best in Show – “Wheat Field” by Dana Smith (teacher, Jessica Nash);
Second place “Fantasy City” by Brenna Kaegi (Nash);  
Brenna Kaegi - fantasy city Shannon Stinson - eight legs three wheels Dana Smith - wheat field
Third place “Eight Legs Three Wheels” by Shannon Stinson (Nash). 

Congratulations to all of the artists!